“Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in the children at that level.”-APJ Abdul Kalam. Creativity involves breaking out of the established patterns to look at things in a different way and passion is one great force that unleashes creativity. Schools encourage creativity to a substantial level because learning and creativity are like childhood pals. During childhood our imagination goes wild because there are no inhibitions and no limitations then. We, as parents and teachers should try our best to nurture that creativity in our children and lead them to that haven where they can connect with their souls and experience absolute bliss. Learning becomes easy when children are at peace and happy in their hearts. Creative hat day is one such celebration of creativity. Yes of course the little kindergartners cannot create by themselves but that’s where the parents and the child work together. It strengthens their bond of love and understanding. It enhances the child’s creative skills and widens the brain’s horizon thus helping the child to look for something beyond his or her perception. Everyyear the Kindergarteners of IES Bhavans and Jack and Jill celebrate this day with great fervor in the month of May. A lot of creative research takes place at every child’s home. Parents are busy looking out for more innovative ideas and at the end, what they come up with, are indeed marvelous and praiseworthy! This year the creative hat day was celebrated with unparalleled zest and zeal. The children were more than excited and eagerly waiting for the day. They came dressed in outfits which coordinated well with their beautifully created hats, adorned on their heads. The gleaming faces of the little ones when they were escorted on to the stage of the auditorium, with their teachers were worth watching. There was what we call, the creative hat ramp walk. With a peppy music being played in the background, the teacher with her class danced and waved and finally posed for a class photograph against a beautifully decorated backdrop. It was a sight to behold! A spectacular display of creativity! After all the classes were done, a group photograph of all the teachers of Kindergarten was clicked. As is with every celebration in Kindergarten, the main bulletin board was beautifully decorated with miniature creative hats and a class activity was done in class. The teachers as well as the children are relaxed by the end of all this because that’s the aftermath of a creative day. Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty; liberty of the mind, heart and soul! Let us join hands and unleash the creativity in our children, not only in the Kindergarten stage, but at every stage of the child’s growth. Even we as adults; let us go beyond conventional standards and explore the beauty of the worlds that our master creator is creating every moment; the epitome of creativity!

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