January 12, 2017 marked yet another important event in the history of Bhavans Kuwait as it celebrated its 9th Annual Sports Meet at Khaifan stadium. The theme for the year was “Tech ‘no’ fitness”. His excellency, the ambassador of Guyana to Kuwait, Dr. Shamir Al Ally and his wife Dr. Maryann Beebe Ally graced the occasion.  The event was formally inaugurated by the chief guest whose electrifying speech left the students fired with enthusiasm and determination. The brisk marching of the BSS cadets, the office bearers of the supreme council and the house representatives, in perfect synchronization, set the ambience for the events that followed. A colourful array lit up the stadium and was brought to life by the amazing students of various grades who came together to display their skill at swaying their props in perfect unison with their body movements. They also conveyed a strong message of saying ‘no’ to techno if it was at the cost of one’s health and fitness. The overall championship was won by the Sanskriti house followed by Satya house in the second position. It was indeed an enterprising and a memorable event that left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of the spectators.

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