On 23rd May 2017, the students of grades 11 and 12 of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan had the rare opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Zain Telecommunications Company. This trip was organised by INJAZ to help the senior secondary students of commerce stream in IES get an idea of the marketing and the public relations sectors of a corporate company. On arrival, they were welcomed by the Zainers with a warm smile and were guided towards a huge lecture hall. The first presenter, Mrs Sara, gave a brief introduction to the Zain group in Kuwait. Zain has its inception as a Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) in 1983. MTC was rebranded in 2007 as Zain. Mrs Sara informed the visitors that Zain has 80 branches spread all over Kuwait and is the fastest telecom provider with the largest network in the country. Zain currently has 1050 employees in Kuwait alone. Mrs Sara went on to talk about the target of Zain which is- ‘Customer Experience’. The next presenter, Mrs Maryam, gave an insight into the corporate communication and relation division. The CCR is the image of Zain. She also explained to the visitors about how public relations and advertising are different. The External Relations Team mirrors the image of Zain to the public by taking up different sponsorships such as the Platinum sponsorship, Strategic partnership, and Media sponsorship. Internal Relations Team aims at improving relations between employees by organising events for them which encourage them and bring them together. Corporate sustainability focuses on their social responsibility to give back to the community. This includes visiting care centres, entrepreneurships, community partnerships, health week etc. The Media team promotes the work of other teams through newspapers, magazines and social media. Zain is Epic, Hot and Personal. These three features of the brand’s identity was what the next presenter, Mr Mohammed talked about. There are 4p’s in marketing, namely, Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Being in the department of Promotion himself, he gave more details regarding it. The three presenters wound up the presentation by answering all the queries of the students. After a snappy snack break, Mrs Maryam took the visitors to the three headquarters and gave a mini tour explaining the infrastructure and different departments in the buildings. With that, the trip came to an end and so did a very enjoyable and memorable day. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and an informative day. This experience definitely provided the Bhavanites an insight into the functioning of a company and planted in them interest towards marketing which will contribute to the making of future businessmen and women.

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