By Nawal Syed

The students of 12-C (Commerce Department) of the Indian Educational School visited Agility Logistics Co. on 1st May, 2018. The students reached the Agility 18K Warehouse at 9:30 AM where they were greeted by Mrs. Sonia Sequeira who guided them into a conference room. There the students were given a presentation on Agility’s basic function and how their finance department works by Mr. Jeffrey, Mr. George and Mrs. Jothi. They were overwhelmed by the amount of questions the students asked them. After the presentation, the students were offered delicious refreshments. At 11:30, the students were taken to the warehouse where they learnt about the warehousing techniques used by Agility. They were allowed to ride the forklift which helped them see the warehouse from a new perspective. The students were also taken into a cold storage where the temperature was -80°C used to store meat products. Overall, the trip proved to be extremely beneficial for the students as they saw how everything they learnt in school was applied in real life.

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