Alumni Association

Dear Bhavanites,

We are now eight years old, and four batches of students have passed out from this temple of knowledge, and soon the first batch of students (2010-11) will enter into the professional arenas. I know many of you are connected with your teachers through social networks but that is an informal connection. We should have formal connectivity, as well and that is possible through an alumni association.

The very purpose of an “Alumni Association” is that it acts as a bridge between the alumni and the current students of any school, college or university. It helps to build a stronger relationship between the institute and the students who have benefited from the institute. It does the institute a lot of good to stay connected with its student base who have grown and developed over the years and can give back to their Alma Mater. Opportunities for job placements, donations, sponsorships and faculty positions are also possible through such platform that helps alumni to connect with the institute and present students.

In order to have a vibrant Bhavans Alumni Association we need to build:

― An enthusiastic and willing team to take up this initiative with all its challenges and see the entire process through.

― A body of alumni and present students willing to participate on the venture and make it a success.

An important role in an Alumni Association is that of a leader. He/ she would be the one who would spearhead all activities and ensure they are going in the correct path. For this he/ she has to be a level-headed, appealing and passionate person who is eager to go that extra mile to rebuild lost ties.

For any association to function smoothly and to be transparent, we should have a code of conduct, standard policies and procedures, goals and objectives. The association should have a formal hierarchy and line of authority as well with a President / Vice-President to preside over all meetings and take major decisions. There could be other office bearers such as Secretary/ Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Event Organizer, and Communication Officer..

Why wait! Complete the membership form and mail it to the school now! Spread the word around get closer to the alma-mater and let us have a reunion

Best wishes,
T. Premkumar,

Alumni membership form