Growing Professionally as a Teacher

Mrs. Sabiha Hanif Kazi, Teacher, CBSE-i

One of the noblest jobs in the world is that of a teacher. Over the years that I have been teaching, I have learnt many of the values that underpin being a teacher besides just teaching. I have learnt the basic philosophy that a teacher has not taught until the student has learned. I have learnt that to be a good and responsible teacher, I need to understand how the students learn best and to recognize that individual students have their own learning needs.

Thus as a teacher, I need to guide the majority of the students as well as the minority into a learning environment in which they are comfortable. And I must vary my teaching style to facilitate the learning of different students. My approach should be towards active learning in order to help my students develop independently and take responsibility for their professional and personal development. All these things I could realize and recognize after joining Bhavans. Bhavans provided me the platform to grow professionally as a teacher.

All jobs have their pressures and deadlines to meet. Our personality dictates how we cope with such pressures. However, there are methods we can each employ to cope with the pressures. These methods were provided to us by the school management through various workshops; such as ‘‘‘Workshops on Time management‘‘’’, ‘‘Workshops on Stress Management’’ etc.

The management trusted me and gave me an opportunity to grow as a teacher by appointing me in CBSE-International curriculum. I was trotting, but the school gave me a path to gallop. I got an opportunity to attend the workshop held by CBSE board members in Abu Dhabi, which was hosted by our school. This event brought a drastic change within me, as a teacher.

Teamwork is very important in the teaching institution as it allows us to learn from one another as well as provide ideas for areas in which we are weak. The school timely provides us ‘In-service Teacher Training Programs’ so that we learn from each other and get benefited. To be a competent teacher, I need to keep abreast of the current technology which was being provided us by our school. We were also being taught through digital campus and uploading lessons, study materials, videos, ppts through a Learning Management System. This was a kind of revolution in Bhavan’s history. I like the way Steve Wheeler (a British author and a learning technologist) puts it in his blog: “Technology won’t replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who don’t.”

The Bhavans has provided ongoing learning opportunities for teachers to develop the skills and knowledge. The Bhavans has created organizational conditions that are conducive for teachers to continually improve their teaching practice by providing encouragement and fostering an environment that values sharing, trust, risk-taking, experimentation, collaborative enquiry and self -assessment.

Finally, I can say that I am professionally developing as a teacher in Bhavans. I was honoured as ‘The Best Performer of the Year – 2014’ by the school. This is a proof that my life, in Bhavans is blooming like a flower.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Mrs. Uma Maheswari, Department of English, Middle Wing

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realise it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.”

― Mother Teresa

Musings/ Reflections/ Memoirs/ Reminiscences of a Seven Year old

I was able to accomplish some of the phrases of Mother Teresa when I acquainted, associated and embarked my career with the Bhavans family after seven years of fruitful service. It all started when I landed in Kuwait airport on 7th April, 2007. I stood at the doorstep of the principal who treated me with utmost respect and dignity, offered me a cup of tea, and explained the system. Then a co-teacher walked in smartly and dumped a pile of books in my hand. She ushered me into the classes where the little ones peered at me with awe and curiosity. New teacher! Smiles and claps! Later I was dropped in the hostel accommodation. There was no one in the building. It was serene and calm. On hearing the faintest footsteps and sounds I ran to the door thinking that someone had come to give me company and food. Forlorn with loneliness and driven with hunger pangs I waited endlessly. I did learn my first lesson of life: how food is important, and I was reminded of the number of times I wasted food. My room-mate who was workaholic reached home very late after a hard day’s work. I learnt my second lesson of life of companionship and loneliness. I realized the value of money when I made a long distance call not knowing incoming calls were charged those days from a friend’s mobile. Thus slowly and steadily climbed the ladder of learning, chiseling, moulding and grooming myself. My belief in self learning became true when my principal sent a circular that all lessons henceforth to be taught through PowerPoint presentations. Later, I was praised for my wonderful works on PowerPoint prepared for the spell bee competitions in the school. My passion to anchor or compere programmes drove me to join the Toastmasters club which motivated me to join the humorous speech competition, and I won a prize. Opportunities knocked at my door when sports day, staff club, carnival and mentor teachings were held in school. This added to my communicative and leadership skills. Inspired on looking at some of my glamorous colleagues, I joined the gym and learnt swimming. Far away from kith and kin but closer to god with the bhajan group which I initiated instilled some spirituality and solace in me. This induced me to join the music class in the evenings. The picnics, external examinations conducted in school, my role as a coordinator etc. led me to be a competent administrator, organizer and leader. The language lab and the well equipped library inspired me to read something useful now and then. As the years rolled by, the computers, printers, telephones and smart boards became user friendly. Approachable chairman, principals, vice principals, heads of department, amicable colleagues and helpful support staff enhanced and added to the growth of my personality. The orientation programmes and workshops strengthed me to become an effective educator. If you want to see a change in the world, be that change. This became true when I was given certain duties and responsibilities in and out of the school. I express my deep gratitude to this soil for enriching my experiences further which gave me the opportunity to travel to other distant lands. I would fail in my duty if I didn’t mention about my kids. Some of my sweet daredevils always made me feel young at heart and erased the very thought of choosing another profession from my mind. I always think of their consistent love and affection they shower on me. When I sit back and reflect I am truly amazed by the rich and varied experiences Bhavans family have provided me. I did understand one thing very clearly. Nothing is impossible in Bhavans.

Life at Bhavans

Mrs. Sundari Bala Sundaram, Teacher – Hindi Department, Middle Wing

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan allows educators to become as effective as they can. We are empowered by the administration to provide an in-depth and interesting curriculum that fits each instructor. How you furnish knowledge for your students is not scripted as you are treated as a professional who is capable of making decisions that benefit your students, and whatever class dynamics you have. Not being micro-managed it provides me with the ability to exercise my talents and trainings to the best of my abilities. I am accountable for academic growth, yet I am considered capable enough to determine how to get that growth. Being treated as a professional does matter to me. I love how Bhavans School strives for strong academics, yet focuses as well on student character development.

Being an instructor at Bhavans School has renewed my love of teaching! Using the Core Knowledge Curriculum, children are getting a solid education. By allowing teachers to concentrate on content rather than state-testing, the love of learning is cultivated within students which will carry them throughout the rest of their lives.

To foster the love of learning needs flexibility and cooperation by staff, families and students alike. Bhavans School succeeds in this. With small classes, I am able to assess accurately where my students are in their learning and to attend to each, and I am also able to enjoy each student’s personality. An open collegiality with other teachers allows me to keep developing fresh approaches to solving classroom issues of behavior or curriculum.

Life at Bhavans

Mrs. Mini Nair, Teacher – Hindi Department, Middle Wing

The life at Bhavans has been a learning experience which exposed me to the world of computers, and also the learning management system, which was totally new to me. I found the students very interactive and learning process quite effective using digital campus. Whatever I am today is due to Bhavans, I have gained many skills, which have given me the confidence that even if I get a job elsewhere I will be definitely competent enough to teach the language innovatively. I owe my gratitude to Bhavans for that. The Inter school Nukkad Natak Competition, enhanced my organizational and leadership skills. I thank the Management and my department for placing trust in me and giving me such a rare opportunity. On the whole the life in Bhavans has been a fruitful one and I hope it will bring many more rich experiences for me.

Life at Bhavans

Mr. Raveendran K V, Teacher – English Department, Middle Wing

Hi! My! Bhavans!

I love to be a teacher at Bhavans,
I like to be a teacher at Bhavans,
I long to be a teacher here ever,
For it gives me the power to glow!
All goes right at Bhavans,
All do right at Bhavans,
All work well at Bhavans,
For it blesses them with chances to cheer!

To teach the Bhavanites is a thrill,
To talk to the Bhavanites is a drill,
To help the Bhavanites is a will,
For they make the day at Bhavans live!

There is a road for us to move,
There is a rod to make us good,
There is a role for us to play,
For it stands first among the best!

My Bhavans blooming day by day
My Bhavans thriving through the years
My Bhavans growing up to the sky
For it brightens the Bhavanites as the sun!

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.

Mrs. Indira Priya Tharshini, Teacher – French Department, Middle Wing

Our beloved Chairman is the nucleus inspiration of this institution, a man worth this saying and the wind that powers up this high flying bright kite in light. If we have not met him, neither I may have been teaching in this esteemed campus, nor my kids studying with a Bhavanite pride. On this portal, I thank him for the encouragement and the opportunity provided

Resume write ups can usually be impressive with recipes, but proving the proficiency is the real test. My career commenced three years back in Bhavans campus and my first observation was that teachers are expected to be as task masters and toast masters. On a broader perspective, transforming modern education demands skills of higher order with a lot of passion. Bhavan’s belief is the same and the teaching profession here is in the process of continuous evolution. But every method was perfect in its own time. Without any further elaboration, Bhavan’s underlines a teacher first to be a parent caring his/her ward with utmost sensitivity and prepare the ward for their successful future endeavors. A teacher has to faithfully adopt and surrender themselves to educate the ward with the current prevailing program of the school.

Understanding a parent’s intention, IES ensures the path and destination are beautiful for their kids in the school campus. Teaching from heart, a teacher has to strive hard to make the ward happy and when the student adores a teacher to their parents, the academic performance curve ascends for both the student and the teacher without frills and the parent is in ease. Being a parent, I can sense this synchronization emotionally. As per my French HOD’s view, this energy triangle is the sakthi accelerating our IES faculty in this hard working profession. Feedback from a parent is not a small word for us. Finally with the right support and inspiration from our Principal, we are evolving day by day as a better teacher. IES provides teachers with required trainings and confidence to articulate themselves in advanced digital teaching systems and fine tune their career. Grow with the growth!

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

Mr. Suresh V, Faculty Head, Senior Secondary

Bhavans Kuwait with its voluminous tagline let noble thoughts come to us from everyone proclaims the vision and universality of its sublime goals of grooming every member of the family for the challenging demands of the time

The sprawling campus, the sophisticated infrastructure, spacious and fully furnished classrooms, credentialed staffing, admirable teacher student ratio, recurring in-service and teacher empowerment programmes, rich assortment of reference books, facilitating teaching aids like full-fledged labs for all disciplines and ICT integrated classrooms make teaching in Bhavans an enjoyable and appeasing experience.

Every teacher here has a limitless scope for growth. The most approachable chairman, veteran principal, much resourceful heads of departments, ever supporting essential staff and the harmonious coexistence of all these essential ingredients make Bhavans a haven of every aspiring teacher.