By Meghavarnika Budati.

On November 5, a career guidance session on the opportunities in the Indian Army was conducted in the auditorium by Col. S. Vijayan, the Director of Saradhi Centre of Excellence (SCFE). This was a part of noble projects embarked by the Educational and Charitable Trust of Saradhi, Kuwait.

The auditorium echoed with a thunderous applause as Col. S. Vijayan stepped in. The programme began with an eloquent rendering of Indian National Anthem, filling the air with patriotism and pride. Col. Vijayan reflected his thoughts on Indian Army continuing that aura and atmosphere. He encouraged the young audience of Bhavans to join the Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces that provide the most challenging yet rewarding and illustrious career options.

He profoundly noted that a career in the army is not just an ordinary job but is built on highly respected motto of public service and safeguarding the country. He explained that the lifestyle of the members of the Army on one hand is great challenging but equally provides a highly respectable and rewarding life. The infrastructure and the facilities available to those in the Army are unequalled to any career path. He enlightened the students on the opportunities and values one could acclaim through such a career choice. He emphasized the audience about women in the military, that their growing numbers evidently shattering barriers. The ample opportunities for young girls to join the services is at par with their male counter parts. The Colonel illustriously spoke of the established traditions and disciplines of the prestigious institution which offers fantastic facilities, guidance and motivation to aspiring and meritorious students seeking admission to NDA, IMA, NA and AFA.

The session concluded with a Q&A segment in which he clarified queries of the students. The Colonel was presented a memento by the Head Girl, Meghavarnika Budati. The vote of thanks was proposed by Shiv Govind, the Cultural Secretary. The entire programme was inspirational and informative for the young generation.


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