With an advent of nurturing ‘Anger management’ skills and techniques from childhood, a session on ‘Anger Management’ was conducted at Indian Education School Kuwait on 22nd January 2020.The speaker of the day was Mrs. Priyanka Baranwal – an IES parent, an author, blogger, and a guitarist. She addressed the students of grades 6 – 8.The core concern of the session was to prevent the trouble due to anger before it takes over.She emphasized the need to accept anger as an integral part of our personality and the benefits one could experience, apart from the drawbacks. The tips to understand and handle anger were explained with adequate life experiences and case studies. Learning to control anger is a challenge for everyone at times. Any challenge met with the right mindset, knowledge and attitude can be a wonderful opportunity to grow. An eye –opening session for many students, the session helped students to develop more positive behaviour and grow into a more confident, calm, and balanced individuals.

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