Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) hosted the ‘preliminary cum elimination round of the KQ Matters -2017 –2018 in the school hall on Saturday, the 20th of May, 2017. The contest was open to the knowledge-thirsty quizzers from all the Indian, international, and bilingual schools within the country.

KQ (Knowledge Quotient) Matters is a nonpareil mega interschool quiz competition hosted and organized annually by Indian School Educational School, Bhavans Kuwait.  The scientifically chosen infotainment-packed quizzing rounds that consisted of thought-provoking questions infused with novelty and gusto have set KQ Matters apart from the mundane quiz contests in the country. Besides, handsome cash prizes and exclusive media coverage have made KQ Matters the most sought-after cerebral game in the Middle East.

The eighth edition of the ‘preliminary cum elimination round of KQ Matters’ began on a solemn and pious note with the recital of the Holy Quran.

Mr.T. Premkumar, the principal, Bhavans Kuwait declared the prelims of KQ-2017-2018 open.  The contestants had been ushered to the computer labs by the supreme council members where they attended an online quiz designed by the IT department of Bhavans with the help of a panel of dedicated teachers.  The questions were the outcome of a month-long research by the KQ Matters resource panel.

The 144 aspiring contestants intellectually reveled in the brain game that touched upon all the realms and spheres of knowledge.  There were 72 teams from 10 private Indian schools within the country. The online quiz results had been rechecked and verified by the KQ resource panel before the results were officially declared by the principal of Bhavans Kuwait amid elation and euphoria of success.

The six teams that made it to the grand finale of KQ Matters 2017-2018 are as follows:

Miss Aksa Merin Abraham and Master Don Mathew of United Indian School, Master Yash Yadunath and Miss Ushasi Nandi representing the Gulf Indian School, Miss Clarin Menezes and Mehek Haider of Indian Central School, Master Jason Miranda and Master Gladwin Sabu of Indian English Academy School, Master Joven C Jose and Master Arjun P Sujith of Indian Community School (Senior), and Miss Rhea Pinto and Master Ethan Bobby Kurien of the host school.

Mr. T. Premkumar, the principal, Bhavans congratulated the winners on their outstanding quizzing prowesses. The KQ Matters 2017-2018 Grand Finale will be held after the summer vacation in a grand manner.