Enriching field trips contribute exponentially to the development of students to civilized young men and women who possess more knowledge about the world around and have stronger critical- thinking skills. On May 16, 2019, 46 students of the commerce stream, along with their  teachers Mr. Samuel HM and Mr. Susanth K V reached the grounds of Agility Logistics to have a better understanding of how the world of logistics works.Agility holds an impressive global footprint in over a hundred countries serving over 60000 customers with over 22000 employees worldwide having a revenue of $4.64 billion(2017), with services spread over all the sectors including apparel, oil and gas, food and so on. The instructors expounded the impressive feats of Agility and sensitized them to human resources department and compiling and analyzing an organization’s long terms financial strategy. Students also visited the warehouses and the instructors talked about the rigorous schedule of the firm with all the goods coming in and out. The conduciveness of the tour guides helped and gave the students input for prospects for future career paths. The trip ended at quarter past 12. The trip gave the students an invigorating perspective into the world of logistics. This in- field experience ignited an interest and passion in commerce which can’t be experienced in the classroom.

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