Women in all realms continue to contribute to the world immensely in one way or other. There isn’t any summit women haven’t surmounted yet- be it international politics, diplomacy, inventions, management or any other place for that matter. Yet, the meandering path towards gender parity seems a distant dream even in 2018. Keeping this in mind, to sensitize the young boys and girls to the significance of gender parity, the boys of grades 10 and 12 of Indian Educational School (IES Bhavans) celebrated International Women’s Day much to everyone’s appreciation in the most professional manner it can be. The boys of grades 10 and 12 gave a standing ovation to their fairer counterparts and their female teachers as they were ushered to the auditorium from the classrooms and staffrooms. The girl students, and female teachers clad in pink proclaiming solidarity, were given stems of pink roses by the boys as a mark of reverence to womankind. An exclusive entertainment program was in store for the women. The boys made it memorable with music, dance, and drama. A touching song ‘Tujhe sab kuch pata hain na ma’ from a Bollywood movie was rendered by Jubin of grade 10. A skit by Kisara W Batugedara (grade 12) and team was indeed an eye-opener. The theme of the skit dealt with gender discrimination prevalent in many parts of the world even today and the power and immaculate intellect that women possess. A video presentation by the boys of grade 12 on the importance of expunging gender discrimination was indeed a request to the world to accept and acknowledge the immense intellect of the women without which the development and progress of a nation will remain askew and ineffective. A scintillating western dance by Nikhil Shinde (grade 12) and team also brought roof-shattering applause. A quiz on ‘the greatest Indian women’ whose contribution made a difference was novelty-packed and piqued the interest of the audience. The great gesture of elevating Mrs. Renuka, one of the senior support staff to the level of a great Indian woman reminiscing her services to the student community left many an eye moist. Mr. Suresh V Balakrishnan, the vice principal, Middle and Senior Wings felicitated the two great women of Bhavans –Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar, the vice principal, KG and primary wings, and Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar, the vice principal, CCA for their amazing contributions to the growth of the institution as trainers, motivators, educators, teacher-trainers, and what not! Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar and Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar were presented handwoven golden shawls as a mark of respect. Their spouses who stood by them through thick and thin and motivated them to accomplish their life goals were invited onstage to present the golden shawls. Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar was honored with the golden shawl by her husband Mr. T. Premkumar, the principal, IES – one of the most successful principals of the Middle East region. Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar was honored with the golden shawl by her husband Mr. Dilip Nayyar amid thunderous applause from the audience. Mr. T. Premkumar thanked the organizers for their thoughtful gesture. He exhorted the girl students to aim for stars and nothing less as they are capable of being the best in their chosen fields and have proved it time and again. Alana Prakash, the deputy head girl, IES proposed the vote of thanks and that concluded the most memorable International Women’s Day Celebrations at IES Kuwait.

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