by – Vishnupriya and Pallavi (XI – C)

A place of togetherness, unity and harmony. Where people with different backgrounds create a new unified culture. Where teamwork is given a new definition. All this may sound like a dream come true. All this may sound like unrealistic goals. But Alghanim turns dreams into reality. The commerce students of Indian Educational School, Kuwait got the great opportunity to visit Alghanim, Al Hamra as a part of their Job Shadow. The students were warmly welcomed by Ms. Hessa Al Ammar. After being elevated to the Head Office of Alghanim Industries, they were taken into a presentation room where they were enlightened on various topics. The presentation began with the Introduction of the History of Alghanim Industries by Ms. Hadeer Shelash, the Corporate Communication Manager. Then Mr. Mishaal spoke eloquently on Corporate Strategy and Business Development. He spoke about how a business should focus more on its future plans rather than spending more of its time on its current status, for its overall wellness. Further, Ms. Lakshmi talked about Mergers and Acquisitions and Market Studies and Trend Analysis which talks about how a company chooses to sell its products over a wide range. She also talked about factors a company considers while buying another firm. Mr. Fahad, the next speaker, talked about Scalability. Scalability is the ability of a business to grow. We understood how important scaling is for a company. He further talked about the challenges, prerequisites and strategies of scaling, with the example of Alghanim owned Costa Coffee. The presentation was wound up by Mr. Yousef who spoke highly about the importance of Communications for a company. A Q&A session was conducted in between the presentation in which the students actively participated and the organizers also answered diligently. After receiving their souvenirs, they were taken on a quick tour to the Alghanim Office. The students were marveled at the level of innovation in a single floor. The latest technology present was implemented to ensure that the employees have the best working conditions possible. Noise – cancelling speakers and Acoustic cubbies are used to retain confidential information .The students were highly benefitted from the job shadow visit. They went through a very different experience and realized that ‘ not all knowledge is acquired from books.’ Practical experiences play a huge role in their future which they derived from this visit. They were ready to grab any opportunity of working with Alghanim Industries and were quite excited about the internship programs as well. Alghanim Industries was an eye opener for the students. They will surely cherish their time well spent here. It is indeed, rightly stated by them that Alghanim is a place where dreams come true.

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