Kuwait celebrates its National day on the 25th of February every year and the Liberation day is celebrated 0n the 26th. The Liberation day marks the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion. Like every other country, Kuwait too celebrates its National day with great fervor. The city is illuminated with lights and there is display of fireworks everywhere. The people wear dresses of the colour of the flag and sing the national day songs. The celebrations are no less in schools and they are not limited to just the Kuwaiti and Arabic schools but, Indian schools as well. The schools are decorated with flags and balloons, special assemblies are held, and activities are conducted. The Kindergarten of IES Bhavans and Jack and Jill Nursery instill in children the spirit of patriotism, not only for their motherland but also for their foster motherland namely, Kuwait. Though the celebration is limited here, the importance of the celebration, was explained through an activity done in the class. Videos were shown to bring awareness among the children about the significance of the days. A picture of the Kuwait flag was given which the children coloured with the appropriate colours. This further uplifted the spirit of celebration. Photographs were clicked against a decorative backdrop. The primary, middle, and senior wings also celebrated Kuwait National Day with a lot of enthusiasm. A slew of cultural shows was staged by the high-spirited Bhavanites. Dance performances, group songs, and skits set the stage on fire. Bhavanites pledged their devotion to their foster mother land -Kuwait by celebrating the National Day of Kuwait in the most impressive manner.  

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