The first of May marks the importance of Labour Day. The morning assembly at IES was organized by the student council. The Principal acknowledged the selfless service of the helping staff and advised the students to treat everyone with dignity irrespective of the work they do. After the usual proceedings of the assembly, a fabulous speech was delivered by the Deputy Cultural Secretary Boy, Jayden, giving us an insight on the importance of Labour Day. This was followed by the student council felicitating the cleaning staff of IES by presenting a rose to each of the cleaning staff members. Head girl, Aaliya, and Deputy Sports Captain Girl, Jananee, congratulated and handed over certificates of appreciation to the basketball team of IES. The basketball coach of IES, Mr.Mathilazakan, was specially complimented for his dedication and passion for training the school basketball team which represented Kuwait in the National CBSE basketball clusters. The day was made memorable with the Head Boy and Girl, Samuel and Aaliya, taking the opportunity on behalf of the student council to deliver their words of gratitude for having served for the school in the academic year 2018-19. They thanked the council members for their service and cooperation, the school management for their constant support and students and teachers for having given the opportunity to serve the school.

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