Why should my child master English spellings? Is it really necessary?

English, the global language has the most complex and perhaps the most irrational spelling system. English is not a phonetic language unlike Hindi and Dravidian languages. Hence, learning English spellings is regarded tiresome by many students, their parents as well as their teachers. Despite the ubiquitous presence of various spellcheckers, English spellings remain a hard nut to crack. We get to see more spelling bee contests all over the world while technology gets more and more advanced day by day.

At some point, a frustrated learner may even ask, “Why do I have to learn the spellings of all the words that I come across?

The answer is simple.

Learning to spell words correctly is important for your child’s future. It helps lay the basic foundation that your child will need throughout his education and life. Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Spelling and reading also have a common factor, the language proficiency. Children should be relaxed about spelling; if not, it will inhibit their writing. They will be less willing to write out their assignments.

A poor sense of spelling also gives others a bad impression about the writer. If the spelling is poor, the reader will notice the spelling errors in the documents before anything else. Punctuation errors often go unnoticed, but everyone notices spelling errors.
As your child gets older and progresses through various grades, he/ she will have to write reports and papers. Instructors at all grade levels, including the university level, will grade harshly on poor spellings. This will invariably affect their grade and possibly determine their future success in life.

Needles to reiterate, the fact is loud and clear. A sense of good spelling is essential for any aspiring individual. Poor spellers will face a procession of embarrassing situations in his/her student life as well as his/ her professional and personal life. It is better to conquer the English spellings before they defeat your children. Sooner the better!

Bhavans GCC Spell Bee

Bhavans GCC Spell Bee is the only spell bee contest that is conducted in four GCC nations viz. Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE. Bhavans GCC Spell Bee is open for the aspiring learners irrespective of their gender, nationality and proficiency in English.
Bhavans GCC Spell Bee is the one and only spelling bee contest in the GCC organized by an educational institution that caters to the needs of thousands of students across the Middle East. The rounds of the contest have been scientifically designed by experts and experienced pedagogues with the objective of fostering the spelling as well as the language skills of the participants. The competition is immensely popular all across the GCC.

How is Bhavans's GCC Spell Bee conducted?

Bhavan’s GCC Spell Bee follows a three tier system or three levels, viz. School level contest, National level contest, and the Grand Finale.

The School Level Contest is conducted under the strict supervision of the coordinator designated in each participating school. The National Level Contest is held in the examination centers of the Bhavan’s GCC Spell Bee. As of now, there are 5 centers across the GCC and they are:

1. Indian Educational School, Kuwait

2. Private International English School, Abu Dhabi

3. Al Saad Indian School, Al-Ain

4. Bahrain Indian School, Bahrain

5. Modern International School, Oman

All the students who are eligible for the GCC level contest will take a knockout round of questions to enter the grand finale. The knockout round is conducted a week prior to the grand finale. The top three scorers of each category (1-5) will make it to the glitzy grand finale of Bhavan’s GCC Spell Bee.

The Grand Finale will be held as a stage show in the presence of the invitees. The invitees include dignitaries, parents of the contestants, and the teachers of Bhavan Institutions in the Middle East.


Category 1 – Grade 1

Category 2 – Grades 2 & 3

Category 3 – Grades 4, 5 & 6

Category 4 – Grades 7, 8 & 9

Category 5 – Grades 10, 11 & 12

Contest and Dates Scheduled (tentative)

School Level ꟷ 10th September, 2016
National Level ꟷ 22th October, 2016
Grand Finale ꟷ 14th January, 2017
Knockout Round ꟷ 5th, 6th & 7th January, 2017

Prizes and Accolades

The champion in each category will be honored with an equivalent amount of Indian Rupees 50,000/- (₹50,000 only), a trophy and a certificate. The First and the Second Runners Up (each category) will be presented cash awards equivalent to Indian Rupees 10,000/- (₹10,000 only) and Indian Rupees 5,000/- (₹5,000 only) respectively along with trophies and certificates.  All the candidates who take various levels of the championship will be given participation certificates. The Knockout Round entrants will be bestowed mementos as tokens of appreciation from the Spell Bee team.

British and American

Both the British and American spellings and pronunciation are accepted at all stages of Bhavan’s GCC Spell Bee competition.
Criteria for Eligibility for the next level of the contest:

50% of the total number of candidates who are on top in the rank list will be eligible for the national level of competition and a 25% of the total number of candidates will be eligible for the GCC championship.

Free study materials

A free handbook containing 1500 words will be given to all the registered candidates. 80% of the total questions in the school level competition will be from the hand book. 70% of the questions will be based on the words given in the handbook in the national level. 60-70% of the questions for the knockout round as well as the grand finale also will be chosen from the words given in the hand book.

Rounds of Questions

A variety of interesting questions designed by the experts is indeed one of the main highlights of Bhavan’s GCC Spell Bee. The candidates are expected to learn the spellings, meanings, usage and pronunciation of the given words to excel in the GCC Spell Bee contest. Written dictation, oral dictation, scrambled letters, choosing the correct spelling, phonetic transcription, magic board, rapid fire and many new and innovative questions specifically designed by the language experts to foster the language skills of the learners will be asked in the Spell Bee contest.


Registration is open from the first day of April every year. A participant can register his/her name either through their school or directly at the office of the aforementioned Spell Bee centers viz. Indian Educational School, Kuwait, Private International English School, Abu Dhabi, Al Saad Indian School, Al-Ain, Bahrain Indian School, Bahrain and Modern International School, Oman. Registration fee is the equivalent amount of Kuwaiti Dinars 5.

The handbook can be collected from the registration centers as well as the GCC Spell Bee centers.