The National Level of Bhavan GCC Spell Bee is on Saturday 3rd December 2016. 

A variety of questions based on

  • Dictation (Oral) ,
  • Dictation (Written),
  • Letters in Jumbled Order,
  • Missing Letters,
  • Phonetic Transcription etc.  

are expected.

Dear Parents

The National Level Championship of Bhavan GCC Spell Bee is on Saturday 3 December 2016. 80% of the questions will be from the handbook given at the time of registration. No school transport is provided for this purpose.

There will be 5 different types of questions like:


1. Dictation (Candidates write the words dictated by the examiner.)


2. Dictation (Candidates say the spelling dictated by the examiner.)


3. Jumbled Letters (Candidates rearrange the letters and make a meaningful word out of each set)


4. Missing Letter (Candidates write the missing letters in to make the word meaningful.)


5. Phonetic Transcription (Candidates identify the transcription and write the corresponding word the transcription represents?


NB: There will be a special two hour session on Phonetics (not mandatory) for those who register in advance for it. The registration fee for the course is KD5/. Please contact 24340882.