In the aftermath of the worst deluge in a century, when the Indian state of Kerala, fondly known as God’s own Country tries to integrate the ashes to rise up like a phoenix, the altruistic hands reach out to the devastated land from all around the world, filling our hearts with a joyful message that humanity is not extinct.

When the whirlwind of misfortune came to a halt, 2250 miles away, the Good Samaritans of Bhavans, Kuwait irrespective of caste, creed, state or nationality, joined their hearts and hands together to reach out to their ‘brothers and sisters’ in Kerala. In their attempt to offer help in their own little magnanimous ways, the entire Bhavans fraternity, stood shoulder to shoulder, manifesting the unique solidarity. Sacrifice is the perfect paradigm of love and selflessness, and teachers are role models. Bhavans established it profoundly when the teaching fraternity took up the onus, and offered their one day’s salary towards the flood relief fund raised in the school.  The customary celebrations of the schools were also cancelled and the expenses were offered to the flood relief fund. The stake holders, the strong parent community, and the pride of Bhavans, its very own Bhavanites donated generously to make the efforts of the institution truly meaningful. Bhavans takes pride in the fact that it has raised a decent sum of almost 7550 KD, 2550KD from the student community who forgo their birthday celebrations every year, and donate the expenses towards the charity drive organized by the school, 3000 KD from the teachers, and 2000 KD from the fund which had been set aside for Onam and Founder’s Day celebrations of Bhavans, Kuwait.

The Bhavans Fraternity in Kuwait unconditionally embraced the pang and agony of the people in the flood relief camps, as the members of the family relentlessly worked together to collect and pack the items to be sent to the relief camps in Kerala. As many as 117 cartons, weighing over 3 tons of edible and other nonedible essentials such as groceries, sugar, tea, coffee, milk powder, garments, blankets, footwear, toiletries and detergent were packed, and loaded in a 20 foot container of Al Rashid Shipping Company by 28 student and15 teacher volunteers along with the other support staff. The Chairman of Bhavans, Middle East, Mr. N.K Ramachandran Menon, and the Principals of Bhavans, Kuwait, Mr. T Premkumar, Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Mrs. Rathi Ravindran expressed their gratitude to the Bhavans fraternity for manifesting their solidarity in upholding the true motto of the institution “let noble thoughts come to us from every side” irrespective of the chaos and turbulence around. The Vice Chairman of Bhavans, Middle East, Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran eulogized the efforts of the students and emphasized that their efforts to serve the society should be duly honoured on the occasion of the Annual Day Celebration of the school. The success of Bhavans lies in this synergy that radiates when the management, the staff, the students and the parent community work together with noble ideals, towards a noble cause, that elevates Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait to greater heights in its commitment to the fellow beings, the society, the state, the country and the world.


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