A career guidance programme was organized for the students of grades 11 and 12 on 3 May, 2018 headed by Mr. Vivek Pai, Placement Officer and Soft Skills Trainer from NITTE University, Mangalore, Karnataka. The session commenced with the emphasis that education and healthcare were the prime requirements of a nation and how thinking fast plays a pivotal role in grooming once personality to outshine and be at par in this competitive world. The students were encouraged to strive towards their goal with a positive mindset. A glimpse of Air Touch technology and the measures taken by the government to promote it was also provided to the students. This was followed by a brief discussion about Mechatronics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering Electronic &Communicative engineering, National Defense Academy and a few bachelor degree programmes related to identifying speech related problem and scope for employment. On the whole it proved fruitful as the students were guided to think differently, be more innovative like scientists and aspire to be the best.

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