Children’s Day at Bhavans

By Hishma Rizqi, XII-C

Flurries of colour pranced across the stage as the teachers danced and sang for the entranced students seated before them, the students clapping enthusiastically as they watched them with rapt attention.
Children’s Day, a day that commemorates the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and a day that brings joy to the hearts of all the little flower buds whose hands our world’s future lies in, was celebrated at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait on 13 and 14 of November with great enthusiasm and fervour. The day started with the morning assembly headed by the Head Boy, Adithya Jayapal. The students of grades eleven and twelfth dressed up in colourful sarees and immaculate suits, taking the place of all the teachers in the classrooms. They got an inside view of how it feels to be a teacher. They taught the students with interactive games and, teaching methods that they had seen their teachers use. The best teachers were given awards at the end of the day. From grade eleven, these were Pankuri and Lakshmi. And from grade twelve it was Arpitha and Anirudha. There were two shows put on by the teachers of middle and senior wings. In the morning the teachers of middle wing entertained their students with their different performing artistry. In the afternoon, the teachers of senior wing put on a wonderful performance for their students. They acted out Shakespeare’s play, ‘The 7 Ages’, bringing out the various aspects of a person’s life and teaching them valuable lessons along the way. A thunderous applause followed every performance making the merriment unceasing. Not only did every student find several parts of the play very relatable, they also derived a variety of life lessons from them, like the importance of parents and family, especially when they grow old, the importance of every subject a child studies in school, the importance of the school uniform and many more. Overall, the students had a wonderful time and were left with an impression that will last forever.

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