“This is a day of celebration!  Today, we are divorcing the past and marrying the present. Dance and you will find God in every room. Today, we are divorcing resentment and marrying forgiveness. Sing and God will find you in every tune. Today, we are divorcing indifference and marrying love. Drink, and play that tambourine against your thighs. We have so much celebrating to do!” ― Kamand Kojouri
Festivals are a celebration of life. It brings joy, happiness, peace and breaks the monotony in our lives. It brings us closer to our country’s culture and tradition. It brings people together, forgetting resentment and building a strong camaraderie, which is essential to live a fulfilled life. Christmas is one such festival and is in fact one of the most popular festivals celebrated world-wide. Children especially, wait for this festival every year and since schools are non-functional during this time, it makes it all the more special! The Kindergarten wing of Bhavans IES and Jack and Jill Nursery, Mangaf begin the celebration of Christmas, by adorning the vestibule with all the embellishments associated with Christmas. There is a festive mood everywhere. Teachers are busy preparing the children for the most awaited Christmas assembly. This year the Christmas assembly was conducted on the 20th of December 2018. The children came dressed in their favourite party dress. The children participating in the assembly dressed in their costumes. They enacted a short skit about Jesus Christ and Christmas. They also danced to a peppy Christmas number. The arrival of Santa was the icing on the cake. The children were overly excited and happy with the celebration of this special day. Photographs were clicked and the children made Christmas cards with the assistance of their teacher. They later partied in their respective classrooms and dispersed happily awaiting the stretch of holidays that lay ahead to continue celebrations. Christmas ends and the New Year dawns with new aspirations and more celebrations ahead.  May our little ones enjoy each and every moment of their Kindergarten life and stay blessed always!

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