Color Week at Bhavans’ Kindergartens

“Yellow is the colour of the sun. Blue is the colour of the sky. Green is the colour of grass. Brown is the colour of your eyes. Black is the colour of the night. Orange is the colour of truth. Red is the colour of love. And… Rainbow is the colour of you.” –  Anthony T. Hincks
The ability to recognize and identify colours is a milestone in a child’s cognitive process. The kindergarten section of IES and J&J Mangaf celebrated Color Week from April 20th to 26th.  It was a week of great fun as it was designed to help the young children identify and differentiate various colours, talk about them, and think about how colors enhance and influence their lives. On the eve of the color week the bulletin board of the kindergarten wing was decorated with images and objects pertaining to the color being celebrated the following day. The color week was flagged off on April 20th with the Red Color Day, followed by the Yellow Color Day on 23rd, the Blue Color Day on 24th, the Green Color Day on 25th and finally the amalgamation of colors marked by the Rainbow Color Day on 26th April 2017.  The kinders came dressed in different hues of red, yellow, blue, green attires on the respective color days as well as in shades of VIBGYOR marking the Rainbow Day.

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