Exposing young children to the world around them has been the constant endeavour of the team at Indian Educational School, Pearl Nursery and Jack & Jill Mangaf . We achieve this through the celebration of various religious and national festivals in our kindergarten wing. Festivals create the feeling of oneness in the people, purifying their souls and attaining eternal bliss. One such festival is Eid ul Adha or the festival of sacrifice. Thursday, 8th September, was no exception with Eid just round the corner. The day started just like any other celebration would. The entire staff and kindergarten community came all dressed up in gorgeous Indian ethnic wear. To help children understand Eid better, there was a special Eid assembly which emphasised on the importance of Eid. Skits were enacted by the children, emphasizing why people celebrate Eid ul Adha. This was followed by an enchanting dance number by the tiny tots. As a part of the celebration, back in the classroom, to unleash the creativity of children the little ones were engaged with some exciting theme based art activities! Festivals are a prime attraction for children. Apart from getting holidays they also get to eat sweets and delicacies pertaining to the festival. This was followed by a class party where the children brought a variety of snack items, which they shared with each other. This was done to inculcate in them the act of charity and the virtue of sharing with fellow beings, which is one of the pillars of Islam. The children went home in revelry, reminiscing the festive occasion that will remain in their hearts for a long time to come.  

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