The birth of another term was heralded with joy and enthusiasm by the Management and teachers of Indian Educational School as they reported on August 25, 2019 the first working day after a long and refreshing summer break. It was a promising week packed with enriching programmes, in-house trainings and productive discussions to ascertain that every Bhavanite has an enriching experience, that they truly deserved at school. The first day was set aside to assess one’s own potentials and to brainstorm some good teaching practices that would help in bringing about a difference in the performance of the students. The next objective was to equip oneself with the latest updates in the fast-developing educational scenario. A session on ‘The Current Remodeled Assessment’ was conducted by the Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar. This helped in setting clear-cut goals which could be attained through a variety of techniques. Having set the goals, the departments were indulged in drafting a suitable development plan catering to the various needs of students. These plans were presented by the respective HoDs/Subject Coordinators, who assured that these innovative measures would enhance quality teaching which would further accentuate the desired output from students. The highlight of the 3rd day was a panel discussion on the topic ‘Learning by Doing’. The panelists included a group of vibrant teachers along with the Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar as the moderator. This interactive session threw light on the various aspects of experiential learning, while the panelists enjoyed this new learning experience. The teachers were empowered further through various in-house sessions to boost their morale, enhance their self-esteem and develop them into better individuals. The first session on ‘Motivation at Workplace’ was headed by the senior vice-principal, Ms. Anselma Tessy Judeson. This was followed by a presentation on “Emotional Intelligence’ by the Head of English Department (Primary), Ms. Muneera Mammikutty. The Head of the French Department, Mr. Sriee Aswathaman, spoke on ‘Understanding Subjective Well-Being’. The gist of it was to remind oneself to take time to do what makes one’s soul happy. As Gandhi rightly said, ‘Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.’ Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar also gave a presentation on ‘How to Write Anecdotal Records’ to guide the teachers further to analyze, understand and assist the students better. After the successful ingestion and digestion of these valuable nutrients, the final process of assimilation was carried out with the department members getting together with rejuvenated thoughts, to move ahead with a clear vision to carry out their tasks more efficiently and diligently. A presentation on “Core Competencies at Workplace” by the Vice Principal, Middle Wing, Ms. Jaemi Byju further served as a reminder that one needs to have a blend of functional and behavioural competence and the right attitude to trigger positive response in the students. The weeklong programme came to an end to ensure a whole new beginning that would create a positive revolution in the days ahead.

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