The evening of June 3, 2017 witnessed yet another memorable occasion as a get-together was hosted in the school hall to celebrate the success of the 17 exam toppers who scored 90% and above in the board examination including the country toppers and the school toppers. The proud parents, members of the school management and the senior teachers were also invited for this grand celebration. The toppers among the toppers were felicitated with stems of roses as a mark of heartfelt appreciation for their earnest endeavors that culminated in splendid success. The auditorium resonated with applause and cheer when the stars of the day and their family members were called onstage for the bestowal of honors. The toppers received plaques of appreciation from the school chairman and the principals. The parents and the proud winners shared their thoughts and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and the Principal for the guidance and support extended to them and for the confidence instilled in the students which paved the way for their incredible achievement.

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