“A field trip to the local vegetable market is the perfect nexus for bringing together students, local market and health care advocates to teach important lessons about our food and the need for healthy eating habit.”

A short educational trip for the students of Grade 1, was organized by the E.V.S. department of Indian Educational School. The objective was to acquaint the students and teach them the need for food, different sources of food (i.e. plants and animals), inculcate healthy eating habits and help them distinguish between healthy and junk food. It was conducted as a multi sensory learning activity on the unit, ‘Food We Eat’. The students could see, touch, feel and smell the fruits and vegetables. They were enthralled by the vibrant colors in the market.  Children learned how different types of vegetables grow differently. They were also sensitized to ‘Healthy Eating Habit’ and how it is significant for our body, brain and heart. The activity not only expanded their comprehension of how food looks and smells but also exposed them to the routine activities in a market. The trip ensured a complete learning experience which helped to achieve the learning outcomes effectively.

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