Fruit is nature’s candy and it is an important part of a healthy diet and variety is as important as quantity. A fruit salad day was organized for the Kinders of IES and Jack and Jill branch of Bhavans at Mangaf on 27th and 26th September respectively with an activity which made children toss several different fruits in a bowl and make a fruit salad. The teachers explained the importance of eating plenty of fruits on a daily basis to ensure good health. To perk up the occasion, activities and games were played through which they learnt the colour, texture and taste of each fruit. Kinders were excited to sing rhymes on fruits and thus developed an interest to eat different types of fruit. They took every opportunity to learn the names of each fruit by tasting them. They also learnt the need to wash every fruit before consumption. It was indeed a fruitful day as children shared fruits with their peers. The students were enthralled to eat their bowl of fruit salad. The Kindergarten wings of IES and Jack and Jill, which mainly focus on learning through hands on experience, were largely successful in inculcating the need to eat healthy and make healthy food choices.

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