It’s summer fun! Under the sun” For a child, summertime is the time of simple pleasure and exciting times of the year. A child’s heart not only seeks knowledge but also yearns for fun. The sun gives life to the earth and the earth would have no life at all without the energy it receives from the sun. Therefore, IES and Jack & Jill provided its students a rejuvenating break to learn and enjoy through a play activity like “FUN IN THE SUN” on 10th June2019. The morning came with the best weather for the kiddos. In order to enjoy the nature, it is necessary to become a part of it. This maxim was understood by the children of after an enriching experience in the park with greenery all around and blooming flowers to soothe their eyes. Children were asked to come in their cool summer clothes with their sunglasses and hats/caps.  They were also asked to bring lemon, sugar and water for the preparation of lemonade. Children enjoyed playing on the swings and they were ready to beat the heat with a refreshing lemonade which their teachers prepared for them. The small kids had pleasure watching their teachers preparing the lemonade.  Bulletin boards were decorated with the theme. Kids thoroughly enjoyed their day after a tiring and fun packed day with their peers and by the end of the day, children were full of beans with elevated spirits. It was indeed a wonderful day filled with fun, frolic, and ecstasy.  

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