Grandpa Joe’s is an annual event established in 2015 by the Dept. of Commerce in Indian Educational School with a vision to help children become a part of the practical experiences of planning, funding, deliberating, marketing, computing, sharing, organizing, recording and reporting. The annual event, Grandpa Joes, organized by the commerce department was held on November 12 in IES, wherein the students enjoyed lip-smacking delicacies. A day of unforgettable culinary experience, it was a fun filled day for the Bhavanites. The seven stalls aptly named as Sugar rush, Sweet Sensations, Chick Donalds, Crispy Corner, American Thattukada, Shake and Snack and Food factory,all set up by the collective efforts of the students of class 12 C and 11 D with the support of the school management offered a variety of items for their customers to relish. The students exhibited excellent entrepreneurship and have learned a lot from this experience. The goal of this year’s executive committee of Grandpa Joes was to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and this was achieved positively with the huge rush of children to hold proof for the fact. With the proceedings of the event going to charity, the event concluded with happy customers and happy participants. This simulation in miniature helps students to acquire various life skills like interpersonal communication, problem solving, crisis management, etc.  

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