Grandparent’s Day was celebrated on 10th October, 2017 for the third year in a row. Students from grades 5 to 12 participated and put up various musical, art and dance performances, travelling back in time, to make the grandparents relive their youth. The show was highly enjoyed by the audience. One of the grandparents even delivered an inspiring speech conveying a beautiful message to the youth through his wise words. The grandparents were given cards and roses by the students as a token of their love and appreciation. This day also marked the return of the famous Grandpa Joe’s, a culinary festival Grandpa Joe’s food carnival, organized by the entrepreneurs of I. E. S – the grade 11 and 12 commerce students, was even bigger and better this year. From just a small stall held every year, Grandpa Joe’s became Grandpa Joe’s Ltd. on its fourth anniversary. In this process, the students got to actually witness the various steps in the formation of a company, which they have learnt in grade 11. Just like any other company, Grandpa Joe’s also had positions of prime importance to help the business make effective and efficient utilization of its resources. It was a concept turned into an enterprise under the able guidance of the teachers. It was indeed a learning experience as it helped the students learn the practical features of Event Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management and Human Resource Management. The young entrepreneurs not only mastered the different aspects of business like developing business ideas, risk taking, pricing, competition, marketing, accounting, financial analysis etc. but also developed their confidence, team spirit, trust, leadership and decision making skills. After the event, all the investors were returned the principal amount and the interest thereon was donated for charity.

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