The post- Onam celebrations left an indelible mark in the heart of Bhavanites. The festive mode geared up the day before the celebration as the staff gathered together till late night prepping the ‘Onasadya’, the traditional feast for the day. Floral carpets displayed in various colours and the traditional game ‘Uriyadi’ added to the zest of celebrations. Onasadya lived up to its grandeur with an impressive platter of delectable dishes spread on a banana leaf. The skit staged by the teachers enlivened the home-coming story of the mythical king Mahabali. Teachers performed the gentle dance, ‘thiruvathira’ with effortless ease and subtle charm. Onam songs and skit bringing the charm of simple and joyous life filled everyone with memories of the good old days. Each one seemed more beautiful than ever clad in their traditional best. The Chairman of Bhavans Middle East Mr. N.K Ramchandra Menon, the Principal of Indian Educational School Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal of Smart Indian School, Mr. Mahesh Iyyer and the Principal of Jack and Jill, Mrs. Rathi Raveendran joined the festivities with best wishes for all. Amidst cheers of happiness and excitement, Bhavans fraternity celebrated cultural oneness and a sense of belonging that they are one big family.

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