71st Independence Day Celebration

The spirit of freedom that surpasses all barriers created in the name of cast, creed and religion, was celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm to mark the 70th anniversary of Indian independence. The Principal hoisted the Indian National Flag in the school premises  and read out the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind’s speech delivered on the eve of India’s Independence. The Principal further  urged the future citizens of India to be like the scattered flower petals which had been forced out of their comfort zone from the unfurled flag, to face the challenges while spreading the fragrance of love and peace all around. After a few other inspiring speeches, the students were shown videos to  ignite the patriotic passion in every single soul of the land of unparalleled culture and tradition. Every object around seemed to reverberate with the deep-rooted love for the motherland as the patriotic songs filled the air. Sweets were distributed to celebrate the freedom cherished by every Indian soul as they carried home sweet memories of yet another memorable day.


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