Opening a New Window of Education through INJAZ

                                     ~BY: Danah, 8F

danah The students of grade 8 were given an astounding opportunity of learning more with the help of INJAZ; it is a non-profit organization that was established in Kuwait in the year 2005 with the mission to inspire and to prepare young minds to succeed in global economy.
‘‘It was an amazing experience being taught about money handling’’ ~Jonathan (student)
Many terms like CREDIT, DEBIT, STANDING ORDER, BANK STATEMENT were discussed with the students and how the student could use them practically was also discussed. Each session unraveled a new idea or an experience which was worthwhile. In the first class the students learned how to prepare for the upcoming life. Each of the students  was  given a life map to compose. In the following session students learned about the do’s and don’ts of an interview and the different methods of payments; cheques, cash etc. The next class was about protecting money and safe handling of money. This session  told them more about debt and credit. The following session was about expenditure and consumer rights. This told how to classify a need and a want and the rights of a consumer. In the next session the students discussed the share market and the bonds. In the last two sessions a game was played which was engrossing and educational. The game was about how and where to invest the capital amount. Lastly, the students gave cards which were beautifully decorated, taking home memories of first time experience of this kind. The students whole-heartedly thanked Ms. Fay for devoting her precious time with them. A small memento   of love and honor was presented to her.  The students also thanked INJAZ for making this wonder happen. Thank You  

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