Debating is definitely a brain tickler, and this time the interclass debate competition certainly tested the mettle and resolve of some of the school’s finest debaters. On Tuesday, 20 September, the interclass debate competition was conducted on the topic “Will the next World War be waged on water?” for the students of classes 11 and 12. There were a total of 12 contestants with the top two contestants from each class. The main points that came up were regarding the Cauvery water crisis, low percentage of accessible fresh water, selfish monopoly of entities over water bodies, lack of technology for treatment of water, etc. Urvish Chokshi of grade 11 started off the show and Anjana was the moderator for the debate. There were definitely some brilliant speakers who livened up the debate. Aditya Jaypal, who was in the preposition of this debate, won “The Best Speaker” in his team, while Sam T. won “The Best Speaker” from his opposition team. The overall best speakers were Aditya Jaypal and Ketan Maheshwari. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show as the speakers debated back and forth, never missing a beat to refute the opposing team. The competition ended with a nail-biting finish. Finally, the preposition team won the title with the opposition team shortly behind.  

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