M.Sc , M.Ed, DVM, PGDCA.
An Enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student development and learning experience. Skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovative activities that address the diverse interest and need of students. Possess outstanding communication skills; present information in a variety of ways, emphasizing relevance of class materials to the world beyond the class room. She had specialized in promoting the talents of children needing special considerations. She started her career with premium school like TATA School Munnar then moved to Chettinad Vidyashram one of the best schools in cosmopolitan Chennai. She has been teaching more than 17 years with good academic output. Beena, a teacher by nature and instinct bound to propagate knowledge. She had a healthy and commendable scholastic background.She has Presented a paper On’ Hyperactivity In Children’ at International Seminar,Kerala, thesis on ’ Math phobia’ on a math fest, at an International School at Chennai. She is M.Sc and M.Ed with distinction and rank. She is a trained in Vedic mathematics which is one form of analytical mathematics which helped practitioners in fast assimilations. Also a post graduate diploma holder in computer application (PGDCA), she is trained in ‘e-tutoring’in mathematics and familiar with US and UK curriculum. She is associated with Bhavans since April 2009.