Physical exercises are very important for the overall physical and mental development of a child. The children are trained to run, jump, hop etc. along with other physical activities related to it. The children are taken to the playground twice a week to release their energy. It also helps in building and toning their body muscles. As competitions are conducted in music, art, show and tell etc., so also an exclusive sports day is conducted for the little kindergarteners of Bhavans IES and Jack and Jill Nursery, Mangaf. This year, the kindergarten sports day was held on the 2nd of December 2018. Preliminary races were conducted for each item which included running race, beading the thread, ball gathering etc. and selection was done separately for both boys and girls. The final list was prepared, and the finalists competed on the main sports day.  The Physical Education teachers of KG and primary departments conducted the events and made it a fun-filled and memorable event for the children!  The children cheered for their classmates as they competed, and the winners were declared after each race. The prize distribution was held on the 16th of December 2018. It was witnessed by parents and teachers and the children were awarded with medals and certificates by the Principal, Vice-Principal and the Head of the sports department, Mr. Murugayan. The teachers of the sports department were also present to applaud the little winners. The children proudly stood on the victory stand and it was indeed a victorious moment for the little ones! Photographs were clicked, after which the children dispersed to their respective classrooms. Sports day is conducted in schools to instill in children the importance of physical activity. It builds their self-esteem, boosts confidence and also cultivates sportsman-spirit at a very tender age. Our education system would fall short, if sports were not an integral part of it.

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