With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in regular diet, the kindergarten kids celebrated ‘’FRUIT SALAD DAY’’ The occasion was used to teach kids the health benefits of fruits – one of Mother Nature’s most amazing foods It was a pleasant sight to see our little kids come to school carrying their favorite fruit.  The excitement in showing their teacher what they love the best kindled a lot of enthusiasm in children to take part in this activity.  Children of IES and JACK AND JILL enjoyed themselves in making their own salads with assorted fruits on Thursday, September 19th 2019.  This activity made them learn to cut the fruits with the help of teachers, and the little ones mixed the cut fruits, added sugar and a few toppings to make a scrumptious and delectable fruit salad.  Definitely, our children may not have tasted a better mouth-watering fruit salad earlier than this special day! The little ones also learnt the names of different fruits, texture, color, taste, size and shape. They were also sensitized on the important benefit of washing the fruits before eating or cooking.  In a nutshell, kids were found to be quite thrilled and were positive about the fact that fruits are better than junk foods.

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Elizabeth Thomas