KQ (Knowledge Quotient) Matters, the most prestigious and the most scientific Interschool Quiz Contest was held on September 28, 2018 to kindle a passion for knowledge in the young minds and to promote quizzing, to choose the right knowledge for life. This battle of wits was fought by the intellectual warriors of six schools. The six teams, comprising two participants each from Indian Community School (Senior), United Indian School, Gulf Indian School, Carmel School Kuwait, Indian English Academy School, and the host, Indian Educational School were ushered onto the stage by the cadets of Bhavans Service Scheme (BSS).  Mr. Alan Andrew, a well-reputed manager of one of the world’s biggest single-phase Oil Refinery and his daughter, Ms. Jeniffer were the guests of honour. Mr. Sriee Aswathaman (Department of French), and Mr. Liju Joseph (Department of English) were the quiz masters for the day. There were five unique and challenging rounds which tested the skill and knowledge of these quizzers, who fought with all their might to prove their mettle. The duo from United Indian School emerged victorious and won a cash prize of KD 500, certificates and an ever-rolling trophy. The first runners up from Indian Community School (Senior) received a cash prize of KD 300, trophies and certificates. The second runners up from Gulf Indian School received a cash prize of KD 200, trophies and certificates. All the proud finalists were awarded certificates and mementos. It was indeed an eventful evening of celebration of knowledge.

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