KQ  MATTERS: THE SAGA UNFOLDS  ONCE AGAIN Quizzing is one of the most knowledgeable ways for educating oneself. It challenges the mind and brings out knowledge that was never known before. With exactly this in mind, IES conducted the prelims of their annual quiz competition, KQ matters, on 14th may. Around 10 schools competed to land a spot in the finals, with almost 60 teams. The quiz consisted of 8 sections, ranging from current affairs to logical reasoning to sports and technology. The quizzing style was written, with 40 questions and 50 minutes to write the answers. The number of teams from each school ranged from 3 to 13, with each team consisting of two people. The top six schools that had qualifies for the finals are GIS, Carmel, ICKS, DPS, IES and ILOA. There were quite a few who had attempted the quiz last year, and they appreciated the rise in the challenging level of the questions. There were many first timers and there was a considerable amount of teams. Now, everyone eagerly awaits the finals that will be held in the month of September with bated breath. Through this venture IES has given wings to many aspiring quizzers of Kuwait. kq-prelims  

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