LMCMUN 2016: A Life Changing Experience By Aakash Kalantre International Press Corp Member Indian Educational School, Kuwait
“If you run, you stand a chance of losing, but if you don’t run, you’ve already lost.”- The President of the United States if America, Barrack Obama. La Martiniere Calcutta
  • La Martiniere Calcutta, a 175-year-old school, recently held their 7th Model United Nations in their own backyard, their schools in Calcutta, La Martiniere Boys and La Martiniere Girls, for a duration of 3 days, 14th, 15th and 16th of May 2016, with hundreds of students and many teachers accompanying them, attending this vibrant event.
La Martiniere Calcutta – Model United Nations 2016 (LMCMUN 2016)
  • Numerous schools from Calcutta, and a few schools from other states such as, New Delhi, Mumbai and Banagalore were present at the conference. Indian Educational School, Kuwait, was the only school from outside the country and made sure that their presence was felt in every committee.
  • Though the competition was fierce, Bhavanites made their incidence felt in every session of the committee, putting up with various emergencies and crises during the three-day conference.
Committees During the conference, the committees were split up as such with our delegation comprising of 12 members-
  1. Secretary General’s Emergency Session of the Security Council in 1948-Coming up with crises and approaching solutions to the situations presented to the members was the main agenda of the committee.
  2. D-company –Involving the case of Dawood Ibrahim and the 1993 bombings in Mumbai (Bombay).
  3. Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet– Discussing the emergency state of India in 1975-77
  4. Mossad- Committee-X– Debating on the issue of Palestine and Israeli secret services.
  5. Summit of the Americas- Considering the issues on Mexican and South-American countries’ drug war.
  6. General Assembly: Plenary– Arguing on the issues of terrorism within states and their funding.
  7. African Union- Contrasting the rule and legitimacy of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi’s rule and the fore-comings.
  8. International Press Corps- Were in-charge of the LMCMUN 2016 newsletter, as well as, the press releases including reports, articles and creative work.
Each committee was given thought and preparation for six months to put them through within the span of three days. The amount of hard-work and passion of the students within the school is immense and commendable. With more than 500 delegates present in the campuses of La Martiniere, attention should also be given to the supporting staff and administration, for their dedication and backing-up. My experience was highly enlightening, as I was a member of the International Press Corps, and was allowed to go through various committees and examine and evaluate each of them, while submitting reports on my assigned committee, The African Union, on a daily basis. Special mention should also be given to, our own teachers, Mrs. Meenakshi Nair and Mr. Shree Ashwathaman, for supporting us and guiding us all throughout the journey of the three days. In Conclusion, The entire trip was enriching and has taught not only me, but the other members of the delegation about Model United Nations with respect to the Indian Culture and variation behind it, spirit, dedication and more-over, the team-work.  

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