Asma Khan 12B 

On November 6, 2017 a Mock Parliament was held by the Indian Educational School, Kuwait in the school hall to examine the role played by the council and to improve the working efficiency of the position holders, by giving suggestions. The parliament consisted of the ruling party, opposition party, chairperson, recorder, official, march and general security. The ruling party was the elected student council and the opposition party represented the student community.

With the approval of the chairperson, the Mock Parliament 2017 was initiated and the supreme council was all set to answer the questions raised by the opposition party. In the session the questions put forward by the opposition party were regarding the negligence of the break duties assigned to them, absence of inter-house cultural events, the attitude and behavior of the position holders, suggestion boxes and weekly suggestion, website linking the student community and the council, and the chaos created in the new canteen.

The questions raised by the opposition party were answered and justified by the ruling party by giving possible explanations. The. The opposition party was quiet convinced by the justifications given by the student council. The session with the audience witnessed some very good questions to which the council responded fairly. When the questions were being raised and answered, the speaker played a significant role and ensured that there are no much disputes or conflicts and the proceeding went on smoothly. The ruling party took all the criticisms in a very positive spirit.

The event not only made us aware about the things happening around us in our day to day life but also made us understand the working of Lok sabha . It was truly a thrilling and wonderful experience.


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