Mother’s Day Celebrations at the Kindergartens of Bhavans.

“Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children.  From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours!” – Charlotte Gray

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring motherhood.   It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.  Consequently, this year Mother’s Day was on May 14th.  Mother’s Day is celebrated in memory of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia, commemorating her matchless service to humanity, teaching local women how to care for their children. The kindergarteners of IES and Jack & Jill Mangaf celebrated Mother’s Day on May 14th 2017. This special day came in as a total surprise for the tiny tots when the Principal wished all the teachers a happy mother’s day in the morning assembly. The thought provoked a sense of excitement as each little heart earned to be with their mother. As with all theme and festive days, Mother’s Day began with an interactive session, where the teacher briefed the children on the importance of the day.   The children were emotionally charged when asked to speak about their mother. This was followed by a class activity, where the LKG children of IES, were given a colored heart-shaped construction paper.  The teacher helped the kids imprint their palm on the canvas with red paint, adding phrases of thanks and infinite love to their mother. The UKG children of IES and the Jack and Jill KG made cards in shades of love, to carry home, that moms can have as keepsakes. Following the activity, the children gathered in front of the beautiful theme – decorated bulletin board for a click which would be cherished for a lifetime. Surely, excitement splashed across their faces as the tiny tots were eager to return home and present their Mother’s Day card made with so much love. The oodles of joy a child cherishes in the bosom of her mother has no par.  Nestling and cuddling in this safe haven means the world to her and she would give it up for none!  We all look forward to this day in anticipation, to tell our dear mother how special she is, with greeting cards, cakes, gifts and flowers. Come to think of it, each one of us need to give few minutes a day to reflect on the sorrow of ‘the one deprived of parental care’, who earns deep in her heart, resting over her pillow night after night teary-eyed, to snuggle and embrace the soul who brought her into this world and left her to fend for herself, never to be seen again…….How much more fortunate are we!  

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