Quest 2016- The Annual Science and Math Exhibition

The Annual Science and Math Exhibition, Quest 2016, focused on ingraining a scientific and creative attitude in our young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of Science, Mathematics, Technology and mankind by hands-on experience, was held by the Departments of Science and Mathematics of Indian Educational School, Kuwait on 27 October 2016. Enthusiasm and effervescence were overflowing amongst the students of IES when hundreds of their innovative displays dotted several stalls of the exhibition. The formal inaugural ceremony was organized in the school auditorium. The lighting of the ceremonial lamp conjointly performed by the Chief Guest Dr. S. Neelamani, the principal Mr T.Premkumar, the vice principals Mr. Suresh V Balakrishnan ( Senior and Middle Wings), and Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar (Primary and Kindergarten wings) along with the Heads of the Math and Science Departments, marked the significance and the solemnity of the occasion. Dr. Subramanian Neelamani, the Senior Research Scientist and Manager, Coastal Management Program, KISR was the chief guest for the day. In his keynote address, Dr. S. Neelamani thanked the Bhavan’s management for providing the young students with the wonderful opportunity named Quest 2016 to widen the horizons of their knowledge through research and hands-on experience in the Bhavan’s way. He urged the students to be experts in their chosen fields of career. He advised them to choose their career by listening to their hearts, and their hearts only, by disregarding the external influences. He advised the student community to find happiness in their pursuit of knowledge by grabbing the opportunities made available to them. The exhibition witnessed a lot of young scientists and mathematicians putting up exhibits connected to Scientific and Mathematical principles. The Science stalls consisted of many innovative working models, still models, robotics technology, virtual 3D skyscrapers, pioneering medicos with vision tests, stress relief corners, smart tests, artificial rain forests, and chicken coop etc.  The Math Exhibition stalls also drew throngs of enthusiastic spectators. Some of the highlights of the Math exhibition were named the ‘Ancient System of measurement of time’, ‘The Geometric City’, ‘Measuring the Human Beauty’, ‘The Origami Zoo’, ‘The Garden of Symmetry’, ‘The Lines and Future Life’, ‘The Magic Square’ and ‘The Beauty of Math Art.’ There were models based on mathematical principles, like ATM, various 3D designs on Arithmetic Progression, and geometric shapes in Kathakali. Some other items were even entertaining for the visitors. The counters of  measuring beauty, calculating body mass index, the golden ratio, puzzles, Sudoku, magic squares, predicting birthday, prediction of future by the lines in palm, card games, mind games and finding height, etc. really amused the visitors. There were also some informative displays, such as a thorough study on how Leonardo da Vinci drew the picture of Mona Lisa with the help of manual calculations, application of coordinate geometry in GPS, the working principle of calculator, etc. The exhibits on Vedic Mathematics, Tessellations, origami models, tangrams, 3D models of bar graph and pie graph were purely related to mathematical concepts. The health corner was another attraction, offering the visitors nutritious and delicious drinks and food to relish and the dynamic young dieticians explained the benefits of the healthy and balanced food served in those stalls. In a nutshell, the exhibition was indeed an eye-opener on various topics connected to Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Astronomy, Electronics, Computer Science, Geometry, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Engineering Math and Applied Math. The whole show was a great success and wound up by 2 pm.

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