The annual Science & Math Exhibition christened “Quest 2018-’19” organized by the Science and Math departments of Indian Educational School, Kuwait was held on 17th January in the school premises. It was formally inaugurated by the honourable Chief Guest Dr. Majda Khalil, the Programme Manager and research scientist at the Desert Agriculture and Ecosystems Programme at KISR. The primary section of IES taking the theme ‘The Animals’ exhibited projects depicting the protection of eco-system, conserving natural resource, animals living in aquatic world and terrestrial regions. The exhibition also included food corner and the performance of many a dance feat and group songs by the primary students added beauty to the grand event. More than 150 projects and innovative working models were displayed in the junior and senior wings of IES. Students participated in the exhibition with great enthusiasm exuding scientific temperament all around, and exhibited their knowledge about science and its innovations. They presented both still and working modals depicting different themes such as water conservation, biology and natural phenomenon, health and hygiene, mathematics modelling, sundial, age calculator, optical illusions and digital and tech solutions. The working models also included some eco-friendly models like solar bottle light, eco-cooler and hydroponics which turned out to be resolve for the alarming situation the world faces today. Other items of the exhibition were vacuum cleaner, robots, hydropower etc. Students also displayed different scientific and mathematical games and quizzes which showcased their knowledge and interest in science. The displays were demonstrated and very well explained by the participants. The Chief Guest, after visiting the exhibition rooms appreciated the hard work of the students and remarked that such exhibitions provide a platform for children to display their knowledge, creativity, investigative skills and talents. Students and teachers from various schools namely Kuwait Indian School, Indian Learners own Academy, Indian Community School, Salmiya Indian Model School, Smart Indian School and the parents were greatly impressed and it left a lasting impression in the minds of all those who witnessed it.  

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