The second Annual Award Nite held on May 10 acknowledged the individuals who had striven hard to accomplish their desired goals while inspiring others to dream big and turn their dreams into realities. Mr. Fawaz Mohammed Abdulla, a former bhavanite was the Chief Guest. After the prayer and the mesmerizing invocation dance the awards and accolades were given to the meritorious students to recognize their talents which had paved way for their laudable achievements. This, in turn had contributed immensely to the school and the society. They were recognized as scholars, all-rounders and were adorned with scholar blazers for being a scholar for three consecutive years. They also received awards for their outstanding performance in National Math Olympiad and the Acer examinations. A dazzling dance performance added splendor to the occasion. This celebration of achievements not only honoured the brilliant bhavanites but also gave due regard to the values and morals which these awardees exemplified.

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Elizabeth Thomas