In a sophisticated world, technology now plays a pivotal role in grooming the overall development of every man in all walks of life. It includes home computers, electronic games, hand-held devices and different types of electronic gadgets. As the gadgets are increasing day by day, it leads children of all the different age groups to the addiction to technology. Having well reflected on the cognitive and motor skills of the students and taking it into consideration of the importance of creating an awareness among the students of Indian Educational School, Kuwait, a session on ‘The perils of excessive usage of electronic gadgets’ was conducted for the students of grade 10 by Ms.  Anju Jacob, the school counsellor, IES, Kuwait, on 12th and 13th May 2019 and for the students of grade5 by Mrs. Lia Laiju, the speech therapist, IES, Kuwait, from 14th to16th May 2019. The session was coordinated and supported by the members of the Science faculty, IES, Kuwait. The main points highlighted in the sessions were that technology can be positively used for engaging in activities, for communication, and to get more exposure to the natural surroundings. A glimpse into the statistical research survey done by psychologists on the excessive usage of the technology stated that it has a negative impact on the sense organs in the long run and may lead to emotional disturbances and violent behaviour among adolescents. The session ended with remedial measures such as to minimize the use of electronic gadgets and to compensate it through outdoor activities, reading and interacting with family. The session ended with a didactic and thought-provoking quote ‘Technology is a blessing if used wisely.’

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