Each child has a toy which they take as their closest companion. The heart of the matter is that, toys are kids’ words and play is  their dialect. Toys play a pivotal part in a child’s life. Toys help kids to express their sentiments as well as help them feel secure. Playing with toys creates different abilities like fine motor and gross motor skills,  dialect and social aptitudes among kids. To energize the benefit of sharing, the Kindergarten of IES and Jack and Jill Mangaf celebrated Toy Day on May 3, 2018. The bulletin boards were embellished with toys, that changed the little ones’ world into that of a wonderland. Kinders were asked to bring their favorite toys and they visually perceived an assortment of colorful toys making their way to the classes. Prototypes of cars and aeroplanes kept the boys busy fancying, they were genuinely driving them, while the girls found themselves lost in the splendour of the Elsa / Barbie and their apparels. Photographs were clicked and the little ones postured and smiled sweetly with their toys held high. The kinders of UKG shed their inhibition and spontaneously talked about their toys while the LKG kids too figured out how to state a few lines with the assistance of their teachers. UKG kids were excited to do the toy making activity and the LKG kids, excessively adored colouring the teddy bear which turned out to be the the prime feature of the day! The children had a wondrous as well as memorable time. It was a splendid experience for the kids. The rudimentary idea behind organizing toy day was to provide them a homey atmosphere within the campus.

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