Bhavans Kuwait has always been a unique hub for team collaboration and career development for the teaching professionals who wish to practise avant-garde methodologies in the field of education. In order to equip the teaching fraternity of Indian Education School and Jack and Jill with the effective use of a unified communication and collaboration platform in online teaching, a comprehensive online training session on Microsoft Teams was held on May 2, 2020. Microsoft Teams is a power packed application synced with Skype Business and other Microsoft service suites to enable online assessments, online evaluation, and online correction of the various assignments assigned to the student community. At 9 a.m. the teachers logged into the virtual training session in five different groups. The training session was led by Ms. Elizabeth Thomas and Mr. Krishok A.K, the IT mavens of IES Kuwait. The Department of Computer Science headed by Ms. Asha Ebey and the senior members of her team, Ms. Sridevi A, Ms. Lakshmi Aravind, and Ms. Anjali Nair trained the different groups. The teachers have been given extensive training to explore the digital nuances of the powerful software. The uses of all the tools on Microsoft Teams were demonstrated beyond doubt by the training team. The session was so interactive that the trainees could dispel all their doubts on the spot. It was also made sure that all the attendees were given hands-on experience in using all the software tools for making the online teaching more exciting, effective, and fruitful. The four-hour session got over at 1 p.m. The Senior Leadership Team, on behalf of the teaching community, thanked the IT Department for organizing a top-notch training session for equipping the teachers to face the challenges of virtual teaching during these unprecedented times. Once again , the trendsetters in the field of education in Kuwait has indubitably proved that it always branches out into everything possible in the field of education for the benefit of its vibrant student community.

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