The winter carnival held on the 25th of January cast a magical spell on one and all who visited the school as it drew them into a world of amusement and entertainment.  It was formally inaugurated by the chairman, Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon. Soon after, the school buzzed with excitement and the atmosphere seemed to be filled with happiness. It seemed to be a wonderland that unfolded an array of surprises to all those who came eagerly to witness and experience the joy of togetherness. It was a rejuvenating kit packed with some challenging games, mouth-watering food, and soothing and refreshing music. The added attractions were the fashion show, hair and face painting, hair colouring, green corner, books, bumpy jumpy castle etc. Large crowds of people swarmed in and out of the school campus throughout the day. The celebration came to a close with the raffle draw which offered amazing prizes to ten lucky contestants. The spell was finally broken but its effect seemed to linger in all the hearts for eternity.

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