World Environment Day

Indian Educational School Kuwait (Bhavans) celebrated World Environment Day

By: Malavika Krishna (X F)

With immense pleasure and pride, the Science Department of Indian Educational School Kuwait (Bhavans) celebrated another glorious and enlightening World Environment Day at the school premises on June 5, 2018. World Environment Day is celebrated each year globally to raise awareness about the importance of protecting nature. World Environment Day is a day to remind ourselves that we are not alone in this planet and to warn ourselves that if we keep on neglecting nature, we will suffer; in fact, we are already suffering. As always IES made sure that the message seeps into the heart of its students on such an auspicious day. Global theme for the day 2018 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. It is a moment of pride and privilege that our homeland India is the official host for this year. Taking note of that, the day at school started with a student from grade 10 addressing the school through the Public Address System regarding the importance of World Environment Day and India’s efforts to tackle the challenges faced by them. Emphasising on 100% cleanliness, which is one of the school themes this year, students were reminded and encouraged to use the recycle bins kept at every corridor of the school for paper waste. The Science Department organized an online quiz for the students of grades 8, 9 and 10 to increase the environmental quotient of the students. The winners of the Quiz are:
  1. Sreelakshmi Satheesan – Class VIII
  2. Shahid Sheikh – Class X
  3. Vishnu Balram – Class IX Carolyn Kalapurackal – Class X.
An exhibition titled ‘Wealth from Waste’ was held for the students of grades 5 to 7. The Eco-club of the school also released a short film with a strong message to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. IES strongly believes that each step counts and focuses on developing its students as responsible global citizens. Our concerns for nature should not be nailed to a single day of the year. If we don’t start doing our small yet significant part at least now considering we are already late, God’s creation will vanish. Remember that Mother Nature is our responsibility. IES wished a very Happy World Environment Day to all.

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