Even though physical gatherings are nearly halted and festivities are somewhat limited, the tiny tots of Bhavans Indian Education School and Jack & Jill (the preschool of Bhavans at Mangaf) have never missed any festivals and one such festival was the Chocolate Day, which was virtually celebrated on October 22, 2020, with a lot of fun and frolics. The idea of celebrating Chocolate Day was to educate the young scholars about the health benefits of chocolate- food of the gods, as its name suggests.  As always, the students expressed considerable interest in understanding the health benefits related to this rich chunk of sweetness. Imparting knowledge by giving practical experience has always been the well-accepted maxim in all the schools of Bhavans. Keeping this in mind, the theme of the day was “Make and Eat”. The kids were seen whipping and flipping, carefully patting their cookie batter on the platter, popping into the refrigerator at regular intervals and finally posing for the photos with their choco platters. The activity made them understand that the making of chocolate is not as easy as just unwrapping it and popping it into their mouths. The children not only learned to make and plate yummy dishes but also enhanced their learning through some speaking and coloring activities on the topic, ‘chocolate.’ The joy of virtually celebrating the Chocolate Day with their classmates from the safety of their homes was seen on the gleaming faces as the tiny tots left the virtual meeting with candid joy in their hearts and angelic sweet smiles on their little faces which are sweeter than any chocolate ever made on the planet.

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